Dundee Community Access


Special access to Finniss River Station for local residents

This website has been established to allow residents of Dundee to register for access to the Finniss River mouth via the Finniss River Station.

Finniss River Station is privately owned land. After many years of allowing the public access to some areas of the station, the owners have had cause to review this arrangement.

A small number of visitors to the station have been involved in activities including cutting fences, starting bushfires, shooting stock and leaving extensive litter behind. Unfortunately, the owners cannot allow this situation to continue.

They are aware of the strong connection the residents of Dundee have with the area and have asked the Dundee Progress Association to come up with a solution to allow access.

Access to this area is a privilege granted by the owners of the station and comes with responsibilities. If local residents help look after the station, they can continue to enjoy this beautiful environment for recreational purposes.

The local access arrangements are for local residents only.